Wednesday, 5 October 2011

In Context

Rob Redman, founder of The Fiction Desk, has been asked to guest edit this month's blog for Context Travel, a 'network of architects, historians, art historians, and other specialists who organize over 300 different walks in 15 cities around the world', including Rome. He's exploring the relationship between travel and literature and he asked me if I'd like to talk about my experiences as an expatriate author. I was delighted. You can see what I said here.

The Pantheon (illustrated left) isn't mentioned in the article and doesn't feature in any of my fiction either. Which is odd, because it's my favourite building.


Marwa Zein said...

Dear Charles,

It was a great thing when I found your story among O henry stories published in a book was translated in Arabic !!

I read it and i was amazed with yr story " it was the most story that I love among all the other shorts " ...

Am a film director studying in Egypt and it was my assignment to get a story then make the film by adaptation !

Am here to ask your permission to adapt from your wonderful short story ,,, Sure if you are ok with adaptation from it , i should mention that it's rights for you and i'll write on the avant titre and the final titre that the film is adapted from your story ..

Am totally inspired and fulfilled with it's structre and the amazing ending that you can never expect... It's the best story I can work on ( If you accept my proposal and accept my request )

I can share links of my films i did before and my resume and everything that can convince you ..

Thank you for being such a great, unique , amazing and creative author !!

All my love & respect !

Marwa Zein
Cairo - 00201224728939

Charles Lambert said...

Hi Marwa, thank you for your enthusiasm, and offer to make a film from my story. We need to talk! I've 'friended' you on Facebook, so you can send me a direct message there. Alternatively, write to me at I look forward to hearing from you!