Sunday, 16 December 2007

Wigan says no to wingnuts

It's not often I feel like applauding Wigan Council (or even mentioning it, despite my being half Lancastrian). But the news that it's refused permission to a group of wealthy wingnuts who wanted to build a creationist theme park on the site of an old B & Q store brings joy to my heart. The promoters, AH Trust, apparently think that multimedia displays of the world being whipped up out of nowt in six days will stop young people from binge drinking. Well, it's a fond, but foolish, hope. In the meantime, the Trust is still looking for somewhere that wants its "two interactive cinemas, a cafeteria, six shops and a television recording studio, allowing it to produce its own Christian-themed films and documentaries." I can't wait. (Thanks to the Guardian for this.)

Peter Jones, one of the trustees, said:
"Wigan council slammed the door in our faces. You mention the C [Christian] word, and people don't want to know."

I wonder if the Guardian supplied the gloss. After all, Christian isn't the first C-word that springs to mind.

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