Sunday, 16 December 2007

Combs, poodles, sunglasses, white silk scarves

Franco Zeffirelli, ageing film director, thinks the Pope needs a makeover, according to a short but sadly riveting piece in today's Independent. Apparently, Eggs Benedict is too cold and too showy. Unlike cuddly, downbeat Franco.

Borges described the Malvinas war
as two bald men squabbling over a comb. I wonder what he'd have had to say about this potential tiff. Two toothless poodles fighting over a boner? Of course, the pope of fucking everything might, just this once, have the dignity to not respond.

I'm expecting an official statement from the Vatican as I write.


Unknown said...

Red Prada loafers? Obviously never read his Hans Christian Andersen - or maybe he doesn't want the devil to have all the best dances as well as tunes? I nearly drenched the keyboard in some rather good sloe gin when I read this.

Charles Lambert said...

That would have been a terrible waste of gin. No, I don't think he'll have read HCA. It wasn't required for the Hitler Youth. I wonder if he'll be treating us all to his Santa Claus hat again this year. (The pope, that is. Zeffirelli doesn't do Santa Claus, in public at least.)