Monday, 1 October 2007

It pays to advertise

But it also pays to find someone who knows how to do it. I may be more sensitive to language than many people, but the sheer concentration of howlers in this flyer for the Bear Hotel, Hodnet, is pretty glaring. I'm particularly fond of the free-form third sentence, which isn't a sentence at all, and the juxtaposition within it of 'Medieval Banqueting Hall' and 'disco facilities'. Unique backdrop, indeed. I also like the idea of themed wedding, though I wonder what they have in mind. The Black Death? Beowulf?

But the pièce de résistance has to be the second paragraph. The semi-colon is presumably there to lend gravitas to its surroundings - it certainly serves no grammatical purpose. Unfortunately, it comes immediately after pallet, as in:

a) a narrow mattress filled with straw;
b) a hard, narrow bed;
c) a flat wooden or metal platform on which goods are stored.

How sophisticated is that? Nice one, Trevor.


Chancelucky said...

consider the possibility that the author is a serious student of traditional handbills of this kind. Many of those came before the time that spelling and grammar were standardized.

In any case, I've always wanted to check out a 14th century English Disco. Perhaps there's a lost Canterbury Tale about just such a place. Ye auld farmer's wife came up to the bar and proveth that she still haddeth game whilst minstrels boogied downwards.

Vanessa G said...

Ah,,, the sophisticated pallets will be eating the brochures, not the food? Or perhaps I have the wrong idea and they would, but now they have the semi colon, they don't have to eat them, is that correct?

Sorry; Korrekt?



Charles Lambert said...

Right in one, Vanessa!

Hmm, boogying minstrels... I've been wondering what kind of stuff they might be playing at ye olde disco. Ain't Nothing Going Down Here but the Tithe? All suggestions should be sent directly to the Bear Hotel.