Wednesday, 6 June 2007

A question of numbers

According to its promoters, the Family Day demonstration a few weeks ago, designed to fight government proposals for recognition of civil unions, attracted a million people. That's more or less one sixtieth of the population and enough, says Paola Binetti, self-mortifying defender of the faith, to rule out civil union legislation in Italy. Hmm.

The standard estimate is that one tenth of the Italian population is gay. That would mean that 100,000 participants at this year's Gay Pride (in Rome on 16 June - be there!) would have the same demographic weight as Family Day. It would, in other words, cancel it out. What's more, if there are over 100,000 participants, let's say 200,000, by Binetti's logic this would be enough to rule out opposition to DICO legislation. The ball would then be in their court. Family Day Two? Second Family Day? The latter would certainly be more approriate for most of the philandering centre-right politicians who took part in the first.


Anonymous said...

There would not be any second Family Day. Whatever is the result of this year Gay Pride there won't any step ahead for any law for not married couples for a long while. The government would be pulled down by the Church lobby. I was far more trustful las year but now as you see things have changed... anyay "never say never", UGH!

Charles Lambert said...

I'm beginning to lose hope as well, but not entirely. I may be a foolish optimist, but the game's not over yet. And I'm looking forward to Gay Pride. It struck me yesterday, watching the news, that Family Day is always described as gioioso, but the minute we have any fun we're carnevalesco!!