Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Non-literal geographies

Once again, thanks to Bits and Pieces for this.
The post says:
This canvas by artist Kim Dingle doesn’t look like a map, more like a herd of cows. But actually it’s a collection of maps. The artist asked teen-aged school kids in Las Vegas to draw their country in the shape they thought it had. It’s one of the strange maps in a book called ‘You Are Here’, which… collects unconventional maps.


Chancelucky said...

When I was a child, they used to tell us that the map of Italy looked like a boot with Sicily being a football that it was about to kick.

With the recent epidemic of obesity in the US will we now be saying that America and Americans look like cows?

Charles Lambert said...

I think this picture captures a sense of pioneer spirit. I used to love Rawhide as a child and it made me think of that. But obviously the fatty subtext is there as well!