Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Picador Day

A little public announcement here for you, folks. I'll be taking part in an event called Picador Day at Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London, on 20 March. You can find the whole programme here, and it looks well worth attending. I'll be on at 12.30, with Graham Robb, William Fiennes and Jim Crace, to discuss Writing and Place. I'll be reading a few pages from Any Human Face and then talking about the role the setting plays in that and other work of mine. I imagine the other three writers will be doing pretty much the same. If you hang around after lunch you'll also be able to find out what lies beyond poetry with, among others, Jackie Kay, and what becoming a writer might involve, with one of my favourite novelists (and a poet to boot), Gerard Woodward. Sounds good.

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Kay Sexton said...

Sounds good indeed - I wonder if I can make it up there? I know it's not as far from Brighton as London is from your home, but like cheap wine, I don't travel well!