Thursday, 6 August 2009


I'm off on my summer hols tomorrow morning and won't be back for two whole rain-filled weeks (yes, I'm back in the United Kingdom), so try to keep your expectations low as far as my posting is concerned. This doesn't mean I won't post - I could very well produce some of my most extraordinary work - witty without being shallow, vibrant with intelligence, utterly to the point. You know, the sort of thing I turn out on an almost daily basis. It just means I may not post very much, or very regularly. Note, I say may not. As in may.

And if that doesn't keep you coming back to check, nothing will. Not even the chance of another infantile visual pun like this magazine cover from the days when men were men and boys were boys and pieces of untrimmed wood were penile extensions.


Anonymous said...

c'e' una mia personale a Taunton Library, Somerset, U.K. dal 1-12 settembre 2009...vuoi metterlo sul blog?
trovi il link su google digitando il mio nome.
VI BACIO.....paola

Charles Lambert said...

Certamente! Ma stai a Taunton anche tu o ci stanno solo i tuoi lavori?