Monday, 16 March 2009

Strano is as Strano does

The name of the caterwauling, gesticulating oaf with the slice of mortadella hanging from his lips is Nino Strano, the place - alas! - is the Italian senate. Nino Strano is insulting Romano Prodi and his supporters in the way that comes most naturally to a man of culture, by calling them 'faggots' and 'pieces of shit'. Strano says he has gay friends – I hope that's no longer the case. He lost his seat at the last election but has been chosen as a candidate, by Berlusconi, for the European elections later this year. Remember, in Italy, we don't get to choose who we vote for; that's the job of the party, which just knows better. We give carte blanche to each political party to make its own decisions about who should represent us. In his efforts to clean up his act defend his honour, Strano is threatening people who show this film, including YouTube and individual bloggers, with legal action. Which is why I'm posting it here. And which is why I'm asking anyone who reads this and also has a blog to post the same film. It's a small thing. But so is Nino Strano.


Anonymous said...

It gets stranger. Or -sadly- more predictable, in fact. I expect you know about this pathetic interview.

Will he sue me for bringing it up now?

Charles Lambert said...

Strange, predictable and increasingly hilarious. As if Borghezio wasn't bad enough we may have this buffoon representing us too!