Saturday, 3 January 2009

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Ms Baroque said...

Oh, Charles, there is a much happier video of that around somewhere where he isn't dead... you know, that guy really did something, didn't he. Israel. I know this recording has been overused for commercials etc, but it really is something that stays with you. I posted it up on my blog once just like this, with no text, or very little, just because it made me so happy.

Oh, wait. The one I used was film of people hugging each other in the street. Terrible! It makes me cry!


Charles Lambert said...

I hadn't heard this version for ages and then there it was, on someone else's blog, and, as you say, it just made me feel good, so I posted it. It's an endlessly re-interpretable song, and he's a singer who touched whatever he did with grace.

I've never heard it on a commercial either, which has protected it for me...