Friday, 19 December 2008

Animal planet


Ms Baroque said...

Charles, what is this?

Charles Lambert said...

I've got no idea. I came across it at an unreasonable hour last night, and it seemed to have portent in a worrying fin des nos jours sort of way. The woman is clearly on something and knows it, which gives it an unexpected bounce, even levity. Without YouTube we would have no idea this kind of thing goes on in rooms perhaps actually next door to ours. Which may, or may not be, a comforting thought. I'd like to know if she did it all herself - the make up, the lighting - but that would mean dedicating even more time to the thing, which I'm not quite prepared to do.

Ms Baroque said...


I knew what it was, I just felt incapable of saying anything more other than that! I thought you might know more than me, somehow.