Saturday, 23 August 2008


A few months ago, in an effort to make better use of all the labels that accumulate on this blog, I began to combine some of the ones that had only been mentioned once in - I hoped - mnemonic couplings. Foreskin - Paris Hilton, I seem to remember, was a particular success. Now I've received a comment on a group that paired Scientology with semi-colon. The comment was made by an entity called colon cleanse natural and, after a summary reference to Scientology being a Cult of Lies, so no problems there, it turns into a plug for a book on English usage written by "two experienced college English teachers". I wonder if they're aware that their no doubt valuable work is being promoted by a site (see advisory board members above) that also reviews such products as Intestinal Drawing Formula, Ultra Colon Cleanse Kit and (shudder) Bowtrol. More to the point, I wonder why.

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