Sunday, 8 June 2008

Pride postscript

I forgot to mention that Rome council's decision to forbid Gay Pride to wind up in Piazza San Giovanni looked more and more like an own goal yesterday afternoon. San Giovanni's bigger than Piazza Navona, but it's also well off the tourist/shopping route. Sending us through Piazza Venezia and the heart of the old city increased the visibility of the march tenfold. Even the fact that the entrance into Piazza Navona was narrow enough to create a bottleneck played into our hands. The only inconvenient aspect of the re-routing was that all those choristers who had an appointment in the Lateran Palace, the one that would have clashed with Pride (except that it wouldn't), had to lift up their skirts and run all the way from Piazza Navona, along Via dei Fori Imperiali and Via Labicana and up the last bit of Via Merulana to make sure they didn't miss their concert at half past eight. Sweet dreams are made of this.


Anne said...

Great stuff - thanks for this.

Wish I'd been in the Piazza Novena.

Charles Lambert said...

I wish you had too!

Pawel said...

hold on!

they cannot ban a route for a demonstration, can they?

you only inform authorities how and where you will demonstrate, and they have to facillitate that

organisers should take this to the european court of justice.
(like polish lgbt-ngos once did)

Charles Lambert said...

It might be like that in Poland, but in Italy authorisation has to be granted. The problem this year is that it had been granted, but was then taken away. As things turned out, this was all for the best. we were more visible, and had more fun.