Thursday, 12 June 2008

An abomination unto the Lord

The Vatican, alas, has no monopoly in fomenting hatred against homosexuality. Iris Robinson, member of parliament for the DUP and wife of Northern Ireland's first minister Peter Robinson, also has strong views. According to

Northern Ireland's first lady is being investigated by police following allegations she committed a hate crime by launching a withering attack on homosexuality.

In an outburst on a live phonein on BBC Radio Ulster on Friday, Iris Robinson, the 57-year-old wife of First Minister Peter Robinson, referred to gays as 'disgusting, loathsome, shamefully wicked and vile.'

She called homosexuality 'an abomination' but said she knew of a cure.

'I have a lovely psychiatrist who works with me and his Christian background is that he tries to help homosexuals - trying to turn them away from what they are engaged in,' she said.

Her website tells us that she 'has a keen interest and a flair for Interior Design'. Maybe she should consider a career in that. Ideally with her lovely psychiatrist. If you think it's time for a career move for Mrs Robinson, click here for a petition that will encourage her to move into soft furnishings on a permanent basis.


Pawel said...

OMG, is she for real?

I thought such freaks are no longer there in the Western Europe:)

Charles Lambert said...

Oh no, we have lots of them! Just look at the Vatican!

Welcome to my blog, Pawel.