Monday, 19 May 2008

Ballarò etc

If you're in Italy tomorrow, speak Italian, have a television, and care about the lettori situation, don't miss Ballarò on Rai Due around 9 pm.

If any of the above conditions do not apply, I suggest you do something more rewarding with your time.

Like waste it on Facebook, for example. I swore I'd not fall into the maws of another over-hyped time-devouring virtual monster (Yes, I did visit Second Life; no, I didn't go back), but Baroque in Hackney lured me in with promises of nylons discounted Salt books, including hers (eyes right), and how could I say no? As a result, I've just spent half an hour becoming a fan of, among others, David Boreanaz (and I'm not sure I can even spell his name). Is this any way for a 54-year-old published author to behave? Now she thinks she can make it up to me by sending me a picture of a flowerpot with some rather odd flowers sticking out of it. Hah! I may have to retaliate... A zombie hug? A poke? (If only I knew what they were.)

Still, I now have 34 friends. Not bad.


Kay Sexton said...

You're a Facebook Tart already, Charles - shame on you (where are the nylons though? Nobody offered me nylons ...)

Charles Lambert said...

I need no encouragement - or very little. And nylons would probably have put me off...

Ms Baroque said...

NOW you tell me - I had them on order... and ta for showing my book cover! I have given up the zombie life for a better, purer one which allows me to do other things as well - the Facebook life can come to be strangely LIKE the zombie life.

Anyway, glad you liked your housewarming present!