Monday, 10 March 2008

Fame - elixir of youth

As you can see from this photograph, being published has had an oddly rejuvenating effect on me.

Courtesy of Mistress Montagiste (you know who you are!)


maika said...

Wow! If that is the effect of writing a wonderful successful novel , I'd better brush up on my writing skills!

Anonymous said...

Auguri Charles for your 'Little Monsters'. ! We started promoting it at the Mel bookstore in Rome on Saturday. They did not have it of course but we wanted to start the ball rolling ! We shall be buying it through your Amazon link on this blog and we hope all your loyal readers will do the same ! You Know Who You Are !!
Robert & Enrico

Chancelucky said...

A second novel and you'll be too young to walk or talk.

Isobel said...

Best author photo I've seen in a long time!

Charles Lambert said...

I love you all, as the fat woman used to say at the end of Morecambe and Wise (how's that for a narrow cultural reference?).

Thank you. Seriously.