Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Big Daddy

It's a truism that everything in America is larger than anywhere else, even though, in two cases at least - pigeons and stock cubes - it's clearly false. Still, anyone who's familiar only with the modestly sized deodorants in European urinals will certainly be impressed by this sweetly-scented monster, occupying most of the porcelain bowl in the lavatory of the San Xavier mission outside Tucson and bearing its name with pride. Big Daddy.

Hmm. A reference to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? (Why Brick...!) A gesture of affection towards the manufacturer's father? A less than subtle reminder that, however much worldly power we may possess, at the moment of urination, heads bowed, exposed, we are children of that great Big Daddy in the sky? A joke?

Who knows.


Dale said...

That's hilarious and probably responsible for shy bladder syndrome or unnecessary exhibitionism depending who you are.

Charles Lambert said...

You think it's actually a reference to the penis? That's shocking!