Thursday, 21 February 2008

First copy

This is me, holding the first copy of Little Monsters to reach me. I'm thrilled, as you can see. Excitement always makes me look as though I've just been arrested and then told to smile. I still have the packaging in my hand. FedEx. The photogaph is very small because it's been cropped, and isn't intended to represent my innate modesty, which I no longer seem to have. I'm being introduced to people as a writer and I've stopped saying weelll and shaking my head in a self-deprecating way. I beam and offer to sign things. T-shirts. Skin.


Chancelucky said...

Congratulations, Charles. It must be a great feeling. I'm looking forward to ordering a copy as soon as it's available on American Amazon.

Charles Lambert said...

Thanks! I'm looking forard to that too. (In the meantime, it's available on Amazon Canada.)

By the way, have you guessed where I am? The verbal and visual quotes from movies (see earlier posts) should help!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shamelessly Self-promoting Writer,

Wonderful news, and publication time is drawing ever nearer! Can't wait to get my own copy, plus tee-shirt, plus left foot and right ear autographed in indelible green ink.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays from Big Apple Tree Road!

Chancelucky said...

IT looks like you may be in Phoenix, Arizona....Unless, the Glenn Campbell reference is to Wichita Lineman....

If you make it to Northern California, please let me know.

Kay Sexton said...

Yowza! Sign all the skin you can. Sign some for me, sign for everybody! Develop a special sigil like The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and engrave it on all the anatomy you can get your hands on.

Can you tell I'm happy for you? Can I pre-order my copy now?

Charles Lambert said...

Thank you, all of you!

Tee-shirts? Now, there's an idea! See you soon. (Anonymous... Ha!)

Chancelucky, you guessed! Phoenix, it is. I'll be putting your prize roadrunner in the post as soon as I catch it... And next time I'm in the area I'd love us to meet up.

Kay, you can pre-order as many copies as you like, and I look forward to meeting up one day so that I can sign it/them and anything else you might want to expose for me. Though I do stop short of engraving actual human skin.