Monday, 7 January 2008


I see that Sharp is about to market an LCD television with a 108 inch screen. This reminds me of a conversation I overheard last Christmas during an idle half hour in a Costa queue (see post below).

Middle-aged man 1: I'm thinking of getting one of these new big tellies.

Middle-aged man 2: I wouldn't bother.

Middle-aged man 1: No? Why not?

Middle-aged man 2: I got one last month. You don't notice they're any bigger after a couple of days. They're a waste of money.

Middle-aged man 1: Oh.


Chancelucky said...

Costa Que? In the US we have a chain of warehouse discount stores called Costco. Are they relatives?

I watch movies once in a while on my PDA 4" screen. It's relative, but there is a size of picture below which it's just hard to see.

Ms Baroque said...

Charles, I love this. And it's so true. About the queue, I mean! I once read a very funny column about Londoners - how they won't wait for anything, they run into the traffic to cross the road, they jostle each other at the bar, but you find them waiting patiently for ages in the mornings for their coffees!

Love what you said about how they wait for the coffee to come through and THEN they heat up the milk. What is THAT.

Charles Lambert said...


Ms Baroque said...

LOL and stupid.

Ah well... anyway I increasingly these days cut to the chase and order a double espresso and I find it is making me much happier.