Thursday, 24 January 2008

Sei una merda

It doesn't take that much Italian to understand what this nameless Italian senator (National Alliance, i.e. post-fascist) is shouting at another senator, a certain Dottor Cusumano who has just voted for the coalition to which his party belonged until, let's see, 63 hours before. And was subsequently expelled from that same party. By its capo supremo, Clemente Mastella (see below).

But, just in case your Italian doesn't run to insults, let me help. Sei = You are. Una merda = A shit. You are a shit. Thank god we have the Senate to show us how to behave. Cusumano was also spat at by one of his ex-colleagues and called a queer (frocio) and dirty faggot (checca squallida). How patrician.

And that's the end of Prodi, for now at least. (Though, in Italy, one never knows.) There may be sadder ways for a relatively decent government to come to a close, though it's hard to think of one that doesn't involve bloodshed.


Anonymous said...

Everyone poops!
XO Tyla

Anonymous said...

The politicians in Italy while not the worst are preventing a great nation from reaching its potential. A real bloody shame, it is.

Anonymous said...

By the way Charles, Mum and Dad were both born in Cassino, Italy, 30 miles due west from where you are. Mum immigrated to London when she was 14 months old.

Charles Lambert said...

Hello, grand view, sorry I never replied to your comment. As you'll have seen the situation here goes from bad to worse... Your mum may have done the right thing!

BTW, 30 miles due west of here would land me somewhere between the coast and Sardinia!