Sunday, 20 January 2008


Two UK book clubs, Books Direct and Book Giant, have decided to put Little Monsters among their choices. This is wonderful news, and I'm duly thrilled. But what I'm most fascinated by is the way the book is slowly getting sexed-up as it creeps towards publication date (sooo, sooo slowly). The second half of the plot summary on both sites is taken directly from the jacket, but the first half starts: My Father, the Killer, and continues:

Written in tight, sparkling prose, Little Monsters is an extraordinary tale of murder and its aftermath. Haunting, powerful and brilliantly evocative of teenage life, this is a must read for fans of Alice Sebold.

I haven't read any Alice Sebold. Maybe I should. But whether I do or not, the idea that I should be a 'must read' for fans of any author who's sold as many copies as Sebold has is, to say the least, exciting.


David Isaak said...

You're off to a great start! Congrats!

Charles Lambert said...


John Self said...

A gross insult! I read the first twenty pages of The Almost Moon and threw it across the room*. Little Monsters is much better than Sebold. But yes, her sales would be nice, wouldn't they?

*not literally

Charles Lambert said...

Sebold's sales would be more than nice. It's interesting to see how often she crops up in the Books I Loathed group on Goodreads. (BTW, thank you for the four stars for LM!)