Thursday, 31 January 2008


An amusing, if slightly chilling, story from today's Guardian. The headline? Pilot restrained after 'talking to God' on flight to Heathrow. At first I thought the pilot was under the impression that God was actually on the plane with him, presumably in business. Still, it could have been worse. The final paragraph reads:
In 1999 a New York-bound EgyptAir flight crashed into the Atlantic shortly after the co-pilot, who was controlling the plane, was heard to say "I put my faith in God" as the autopilot was switched off. The plane then plunged into a steep dive and crashed into the sea, killing 217 people.
If talking to God is so dangerous when pilots do it, shouldn't we be a little more worried when political leaders do the same? Why should it be a sign of mental breakdown in mid-air and moral integrity at mid-term? I rather like the idea of a handcuffed Blair being escorted through the Arrivals lounge of Brussels airport.


Beverly Nelson said...

Now you've made me late for work! Not that it matters that much---I really enjoy reading your writing. I'm sure to return often, probably daily. I will link you on my blog (though it gets little notice) at least I'll know the way back if I get lost.

Now, you really must read that book to your students---ha! In Italy! I doubt if there will be the uproar I imagined.


Charles Lambert said...

I've taken a look at your blogs, Beverly, and I don't want to rush them. There's a lot to absorb there and I intend to do that in the time it takes. Which, coincidentally, is also the title of a story of mine that you can find on the Barcelona Review website...

I love the harmonica piece.