Friday, 26 October 2007

Whatever can be said, can be

Glancing at recent keyword activity (instead of doing something profitable with my time) I see that someone from the United Kingdom has reached my blog this morning by typing into Google the following:

men nakid holding each others winky and sucking each others winkys.

Worryingly, this blog was the first site to appear, despite the fact that I've never - before now - used the word winky (or, for that matter, spelt naked with an 'i'). I'm followed by the blog of someone called The Jaded Skeptic, which looks rather interesting. And 47 other sites, none of which look remotely titillating. Clearly, a frustrating morning for our intrepid Googler.

Oh God, I remember now. Tinky Winky, the sexually ambiguous Teletubby. Why? Why?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hilarious - that will teach you to blog about television for pre-toddlers!