Thursday, 23 August 2007

Silver ring thing: update

More on the Silver Ring Thing Gang. I happened to be reading an article on the new fashion for chastity in the Daily Mail three weeks ago and guess whose name leapt off the page. That's right, Denise Pfeiffer, knicker model and Wacko Jacko's Number One Fan (try saying it in a Kathy Bates voice to get the full effect). You can admire the squeaky clean Denise (clothed) in this photograph.

She's described as a freelance writer and part-time model. She lives with friends in Leiceste (sic) and is still a virgin. Not a mention of her other activity as press officer for SRT. It also says, rather oddly, that 'from the age of consent she has not had sex for eleven years', suggesting that before the age of consent she was a bit of a slapper.

Surely not.

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