Sunday, 15 July 2007

I'll have mine without the polonium 210, please

I've been looking to see where visitors to this blog actually come from and how they get here, in that obsessive way most bloggers seem to share, and I notice that a disturbing number find me through a Google image search for Putin and Dobby. Some months ago I posted a sequence of images in which the Russian thug morphs into Harry Potter's nasty little antagonist and now it's the first thing to come up. So dozens of people from the States, Australia, Spain, Germany and, gulp, Russia have dropped into my blog. And some, rather creepily, have stayed.

Putin is such a sensitive soul I'm expecting a visit from one of his henchmen with a little something for lese-majesté. People have died for less, after all, and not only in Russia.

If you want to see the transformation for yourself, just click on the label 'putin'.

Update, five minutes later. I just checked that the link worked and the fucking picture's disappeared. Now I really am worried!

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