Monday, 4 June 2007

Flyer found in toilet

Another great find by Jane. A flyer spotted in the Ladies' Powder Room (honestly) of Beatties department store, Wolverhampton, now, alas, part of the House of Fraser. Those of you who know Beatties will understand how sad this is. I remember sitting in the ballroom as mannequins wandered among the tables with the price of their dresses on small embossed cards in their hands, background music provided by a small man at a piano. I remember Battenburg and angel cake and leaves in the tea. Sad, sad, sad. And this flyer is emblematic of Beatties' decline. The oddest thing about it is that it clearly knows what it's saying and thinks its message somehow appropriate and, even, appealing.

Having said all that, because of course, like everyone else, I can have it both ways, there's a shamelessness about it that I find rather compelling. A sort of slapping on the muck while Wolverhampton burns.


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