Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Revealed truths 1 and 2

Fundamentalists in Israel have complained about the use of cotton and linen in the same garment, as this is contrary to Talmudic law. The clothing retailers Zara, with 30 stores in Israel, have complied and removed the garment.

An Egyptian theologian issued a fatwa a couple of days ago according to which a woman working in the same office as a man could regularise her position by removing her veil, lifting her gown to a suitable height and breastfeeding her colleague. Five times. As far as Islamic law was concerned, this would make him a member of her family.


David Isaak said...

Ah, I wondered when someone was going to get upset about "wearing cloths of diverse sorts" together. But linen and cotton are only given as examples--according to the Old Testament, it includes ANY two sorts of cloth worn at the same time. Doesn't need to be in the same garment.

And, since most of the really hateful stuff people like Falwell quoted was from the Old Testament, I think Christians ought to give some thought to the "cloths of diverse sorts" issue, too.

And, nearby in the same book, it commands us, "Round not the corners of thy head, nor mar thy beard."

Now, I can't imagine anyone deliberately 'marring' their beard. But where are the corners of my head? I've never had corners on my head--I've checked my infant photos--they've always been rounded.

Alas, a born heretic.

Charles Lambert said...