Sunday, 27 May 2007

Mixed messages

A new TV ad for the Italian mineral water Ferrarelle features a pregnant woman. She's drinking a glass of the water in question and as she drinks the action moves to the womb and we see the little hands of the foetus start to shift to the disco beat, the tiny feet tap out the rhythm. In next to no time, the little thing's bopping away, even quoting Pulp Fiction as its fingers pass before its not-yet eyes.

Worryingly anthropomorphic, you might think. Disturbingly pro-life. And, of course, you'd be right. Except for one redeeming detail.

The music that get the little fellow going is You make me feel (mighty real). By Sylvester.

Gay icon. Gay foetus.


Chancelucky said...

So if you drink mineral water while pregnant, your children will be gay?

Charles Lambert said...

Apparently. To quote the Mayor of Moscow: It's the work of Satan.