Friday, 6 April 2007

Elton update

Despite efforts to have him banned from a country in which homosexuality is widely condemned, Elton John insists that he will be performing at Plymouth Jazz Festival. But local church leaders haven't given up. ABC News said:

"A group of Christian churches have failed to persuade the Tobago House of Assembly, which oversees the administration of the island, to join the call for a boycott of John's appearance at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in late April.

But they said they would pursue the campaign against John, who married his partner David Furnish in 2005.

"We feel it can have a negative social impact. There are some who may not be sure of their sexuality and one has to be careful about how this can create impressions on impressionable minds," pastor Terrance Baynes told Reuters.

It's interesting to see the words used by "Eggs" Benedict to praise the church of Trinidad and Tobago recently, when greeting the island state's new ambassador to the Holy See.

"As Your Excellency has graciously noted, the Catholic Church in Trinidad and Tobago works zealously in the area of human promotion. The network of Catholic schools, hospitals and social service institutions testifies to the cooperative spirit of the Catholic faithful in providing a better future for themselves and their fellow–citizens. Because of their profound conviction regarding the universal brotherhood of all men and women as God’s beloved children, Catholics and other believers are committed to fostering the common good in the context of a healthy and legitimate pride in their own country."

Presumably these believers include Archdeacon Philip Isaac, who called for a ban on the chubby chanteur and warned: "His visit can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle. He needs to be ministered to."

Not to speak of the local
branch of the catholic non-governmental organization Caritas , accused of denying its caritas to gays.

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