Saturday, 7 April 2007

Click on the little blue box!

This is fabulous. I've managed to rant about Ratzinger to such an extent that my google ads have picked up on it. The current one, for as long as it lasts, will send you to a site that promises to tell you the name of the next pope (apparently the last - promises, promises) and various other holy revelations. (I'm not allowed to click on them myself - or, rather, I am but haven't installed the little program that allows me to yet).

Yesterday, you could have gone to a site that gave access to the personal records of practically anyone in the United States. Its selling line, though, was sex offenders and how to track them down (with photographs). So not much difference there.

Just in case today's ad has gone by the time you read this, the site is here. (Believe me, it's a hoot! Try the video...)

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