Friday, 30 March 2007

It pays to advertise

I thought I'd go with Google's offer to give me money in return for space on my blog. Which is why you'll see a tasteful pale blue rectangle in the top right hand corner whenever you visit me. Naturally, the more often you click on the ad the more I earn, so I expect you to do your best.

The only problem so far is that, being Google, it seems to work on key words and phrases. In my case, presumably on the strength of the recent post about dead pets (entitled Loved Ones: see below), it's decided this blog is an ideal place to advertise sites selling grief management, memorial websites, mortuary services - the gloomier the merrier, so to speak.

So if you notice future posts with cheerful titles that are quite unrelated to the substance of the post (e.g. party time! followed by an attack on homophobia in Zimbabwe), don't be surprised. I'm just trying to throw Adsense off.

Oh yes, after only two days I've made seventy cents. Looking good...


David Isaak said...

Hey, your little blue box just offered me a chance to have my ancestral DNA checked out!

I clicked through, but didn't take them up on their offer. Some things are best left alone, and that includes my ancestors.

Charles Lambert said...

Whatever they're selling, click! Right now, it's memorial websites. Bless.