Friday, 16 February 2007

Shades of Alan Turing (2)

Well, he has replied, and I'm flattered.

Mr. Lambert,

Yes, the story is on the web site. As part of my computer security class, I teach different methods of encryption. My current programming assignment asks students to build a program that automatically decrypts texts written in English. You can see the statement of the problem at Your text is one of the seven students use to evaluate the decryption performance.

I must have downloaded your story several years ago, but I am not sure where from (it may have been NYT literary section). It is rather a coincidence that I use it for a "geeky" computer science class assignment. I hope you don't mind.




TitaniaWrites said...

Gosh, isn't the world a strange place? I have found articles of mine turning up in various languages, but never short stories, and never in a computer decryption program! I think that's rather cool.

Charles Lambert said...

So do I! I'm certainly not going to worry about infringed copyright...