Thursday, 1 February 2007

Love tiff at Arcore

I'm not quite convinced by this story. Berlusconi's wife has suffered in silence all these years, even putting up with her husband's insinuations that she's having an affair with Massimo Cacciari, philosopher and Mayor of Venice. Now she loses her marital rag because he's been caught flirting with a starlet (employed, not surprisingly, by Mediaset, B.'s TV empire) on a programme broadcast by, you guessed it, Mediaset.

Given that all publicity is good, this won't do Berlusconi any harm at all. It's given him a chance to talk about the value of marriage, respect for the family, etc. at a time when these issues are front page. Some of his best wife jokes are already being recycled. He's a comic, a little bit naughty, a devoted husband, a flirt. What's not to vote?


Unknown said...

Well I know you think this is self indulgent- but eight schools, well really.

Charles Lambert said...

I did, honest! I can list them for you if you like.

By the way, you're the first person to comment. This almost warrants a post to itself.