Friday, 16 February 2007

DICO SI... with reservations

Finally an acronym that has a sense to it. DICO (short for dichiarazione di convivenza, or 'declaration of cohabitation') looks set to replace PACS as the shorthand for civil unions in Italy.

The word's particularly appropriate because it means 'I say', and not as an expression of polite surprise. It's in-your-face enough to work in manifestos, it lends itself wonderfully to banners, as in IO DICO SI! (I say yes!). Or, even better, IO DICO NO... A CARDINALE RUINI!. (I offer this merely as a suggestion - each to his own ferret noire.)

Its very pugnacity means that it will be used
as effectively against its supporters, alas, as by them. But indifference to their use is in the nature of all arms worth respecting.

Now all we have to do is print the t-shirts. I'll be coming to the reservations later.

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