Monday, 22 January 2007


It's an odd way to start perhaps but I want to see how it feels to begin to clear away a backlog of work that will otherwise never see the light of day, whether virtual or not. These three pieces are small things made from one of those magnet packs for the fridge door. They were put together some time ago, so there's no pretence of relevance. They were made for fun, but they don't seem to be about that. They seem, rather solemnly, to be about art. This won't happen again, or, if it does, it will happen a lot more obliquely.


passion must
fashion it
then demand
the here
& how

never ask
am I that
did I do this

we are glorious
nude & empty as
a loom of grace

you approach him drunk
weld metal in fiery water
hard and wild as his will
you capture the free blue dust
to compose raw shimmer and colour
to be always almost open
like white in a full canvas

for only you know sense is
younger than ink or paint
if to break is to be free

you would chisel him in art
imagine her old as concrete
compose the smear and shard

of red canvas and blue pain
screaming at his dead studio
like a song on a paint can

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